A customized approach for students at all levels

Class Focus:
Bringing out the best of your natural gifts

I work with each student to identify, support and nurture his or her unique gifts. I utilize many styles or methodologies to push the student to make their efforts as effective and “bookable” as possible.

Class Breakdown*:
The building blocks for growth and inspiration

Warm Ups
Physical and vocal exercises, improv games and short form activities designed to free you to fully engage your creativity.

Lesson / Topic of focus
Each class will have a specific focus designed to expand or reinforce your skills for effective auditions and performances.

Putting the lesson/topic of the day into action.

Scene Study / Audition Work
Prepping Scene  |  Performance  |  Notes/Re-Direction  | Final Performance  |  Feedback

Final Thoughts / Homework Assignments
A recap of the work performed, topics covered, as well as any applicable homework assignments needed for the following week.

*Although there are recurrent elements each class is ultimately a unique experience
Camera Work

    •     All students are highly encouraged to bring their own video recording device (camera/tablet/cell phone).
    •     You may ask another student to record your scene for your own review.
    •     We may periodically include in-class review of taped material in lieu of prep work.