The teacher (and why does everyone call him “Kenzo”?)

Acting on Action teacher Gregory Lee Kenyon (aka “KENZO”) began acting in high school and continued working extensively in theatre during college and grad school. Since moving to L.A. he has performed in many plays, done hundreds of staged readings, directed one of the internet’s first web series and has acted in numerous films in roles ranging from cameos to leads.

Gregory has tutored and taught many actors in L.A. over the years in varying capacities. He has prepped actors for important auditions (he worked repeatedly with James Kyson of “Heroes”); provided coaching on set; and has taught small groups periodically when his schedule allows.

Gregory has advanced degrees in English literature (both B.A. and M.A.). He has worked 15+ years with FirstStage (L.A.’s longest running writer’s group) and has written extensively himself. He will share with you specific script analysis/breakdown techniques – critical tools in an actor’s preparation process.

New students are asked to submit their current resume and a short explanation of what they hope to gain from the class. This is also the place to indicate what you have found works best for you. Gregory customizes his approach based on each student’s unique abilities and gifts.

And why “KENZO”?… Well, his college roommate started calling him “Kenzo” as a derivation of his last name. It’s short and easy to remember. Use it – you’ll make him feel good. ☺


Career Highlights

    •     Working with Oscar® winner Janusz Kaminski on his feature film “American Dream”
    •     Shooting in Oklahoma alongside Tiny Lister, John Schneider, and James Russo in the feature film “American Justice”
    •     Starring in a music video for Italian Pop-Star Lorenzo Jovanotti’s hit song Pieno Di Vita